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Bonvita owns the brands Jacoform, Jaco and Ambré.

Jacoform & Jaco is comfort at its best. A classic Danish designed shoe created in 1977 and still not surpassed. 

You can get Jacoform in the softest moose skin, calf skin and suede with lambskin lining, in many colors and in sizes from 35½-48½.

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Ambré is a Danish brand and manufacturer of fashionable footwear, which includes men's shoes, boots & sandals. Ambré and their various types of footwear are primarily known for their focus on quality and comfort, which shows in their choice of materials.

Bonvita distributes Podowell. The french comfort brand who specializes in technical innovations and a frequent collaborator with the orthopedic industry. The result is a variety of innovative shoes that provide a stable and comfortable fit for every lifestyle.

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