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This is the main hub for our customers, partners and potential retailers.
Here you'll find an overview of our company, our brands and a look inside the organization.

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Bonvita distributes a line of successful international brands. Brands from the sports, outdoor, lifestyle and fashion segment.

Common to all our brands is a focus on quality, comfort and functionality. 

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Bonvita is furthermore owner of a number of brands where the company is responsible for the whole process from design and development to sales, distribution and marketing. Best known is the oldest kid shoe brand Bundgaard.

We strive to always be the most reliable partner, always have the highest level of customer service and to be an organized and strong business partner.


We aim to be an attractive and dynamic workplace and pursue to market our brands with the best marketing tools and techniques.


We have long term relationship and work in close co-operation with retailers of footwear and sportswear as well as international manufactures.

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